So What Do We Do

Inspector2There will be an advertising campaign anticipated to be at a cost of a minimum of $250,000 (when fully operational) for the first 12 months for web, TV, radio, property magazines, bill boards etc and then revisited annually thereafter.  The funding for all advertising will be co-operative between us. There will be a dedicated new business manager appointed who will continuously cover the state, visiting real estate agents, pool fence manufacturers, pool shops, body corporate, resorts.  Anything to do with pools.  Put simply if you are not making money we’re not, so if we need to arrange more advertising we will do so. As you can see, after the initial start up, the only money we make is the $20 fee, so it’s in our own interest to keep you busy.

There will be one centralised telephone number,  1800POOLSAFETY, for bookings.  All you need to do is contact the pool owner, make a time to suit and conduct the inspection.  It’s as simple as that.  The inspection has already been sold.

There are many, many franchises out there doing the same thing 10-20 fold all selling the same stuff, just different brands.  Most require a shop, staff, stock and set hours.  That’s where we are unique, this has not been done before.  It’s not impulse spending that dries up in hard times, so why not get on board.

LOCAL POOL INSPECTIONS will be the 1st on everyone’s lips when it comes to Pool Inspections.  Any additional information can be obtained by phoning Bob Walliker of Local Pool Inspections Pty Ltd on 0417 728 510 or email Bob using our contact form.