BackyardpoolAs per information from Queensland Government Data, there are over 360,000 pools in Queensland with an extra 10,000 new pools being built per year.  In these figures there are many more (mainly spas) that have not been registered, so the true figures are anyone’s guess.  On average houses are sold every 7 years (REIQ figures).  The days of owning one house in your lifetime for most people are long gone; just have a look at your own situation.  So there are house sales, approximately 51,000 annually in the state that have pools, all of which have to have a current safety certificate for the sale to go through.  There are shared pools that need to be certified annually, there are rentals and holiday houses with pools that have to be certified every two years, that’s not to mention the never ending march of interstate and overseas migration which increases demand, then there are the people who just want to know their pool is safe for their family to enjoy.  These figures only include private houses; shared pools are not included in these stats.

In good times houses sell, and in not so good times you have distress sales.  Either way it makes no difference to us, all pools have to be certified.

Number of franchises and size of areas is based on current legislation.  Sooner or later the government may change the legislation to make periodical inspections of all pools compulsory (WA and NT already do).  When that happens, you will not know whether you’re coming or going.

As you can see once you have paid for the franchise the only way we make money is by our royalty system, so it’s in our interest to keep the jobs coming in and keeping you busy.  Not only are we governed by the Commonwealth Franchise Code of Conduct (which in many cases does not require a licence for the franchisor or the franchisee) we are also governed by the powerful Qld Building and Construction Commission (QBCC) where indiscretions can incur anything from severe monetary penalties to loss of licence, so it’s in our interest to stay on the straight and narrow.

To my knowledge there are three franchises in the housing industry that provide services that are compulsory by law.  Besides ours, there’s smoke alarm testing and test & tag which is a slowing industry due to the phenomenal advancement in battery powered tools over the past few years.  As long as people want pools in Queensland, be they concrete, fibre glass, in ground, above ground, spas, blow ups it doesn’t matter – as long as they hold 300mm in depth of water they have to be certified by law – no ifs, no buts.  We just keep growing year on year, so why not come along for the ride.