Hello and welcome to “Local Pool Inspections”

inspector-of-the-pool-copyright-2016After successfully operating in the Fraser Coast, Cooloola Coast and Sunshine Coast areas for many years, we are now looking to expand state wide in a franchise situation.  This business is unique as it requires no shop, no staff, no stock, no selling, no set hours and is based on providing pool inspections as required by government legislation.  All pools MUST have a current safety certificate if selling or leasing, and in addition shared pools, for example unit blocks, motels, resorts, nursing homes, retirement villages etc must be inspected annually. This industry is only 6 years old and has a lot of growing to do.  These laws are very unlikely to ever be repealed no matter what government is in power, if anything they will be strengthened.

In the many years that we have been operating, there have been trials and errors, refining the system to what we have in place today.  The main things we have learned are service, reliability, price and turnover, mainly turnover.  In fact we are so confident we have the formula correct, we will be advertising that if in the remote possibility a customer finds a genuine cheaper written price with equal or better conditions, we won’t be offering to beat it by 10% (which seems to be the norm these days), we will be offering them a free inspection.  All they pay is the Government Fee for the certificate.  If that doesn’t get the phones ringing, we don’t know what will!  All it will prove is that our advertising is working.  Don’t worry, you will get your normal inspection fee, we will happily suffer the loss at our end.

If you are looking for a “get rich” scheme….this is not for you.  If you are looking for a cushy job with no time involved…. This is not for you.  This job is time consuming but the rewards are there if you are a dedicated, hands on type of person.