So What Do We Do


We are partnered with News Corp to include banner ads, Google search and Facebook so there is no escaping us.  Anybody on any device  looking up anything to do with pool inspections will be hit with one of our platform ads. We are spending north of $4,500.00 per month with News Corp in areas we operate in and that will only grow as we grow.  A one out person can not possibly afford that but as a combined co-operative we can.  In the past we have tried TV and radio but found we would be lucky if 1% of our target was being reached.  Now there is no escaping us.  We have a compulsory product, we have the price, we have a captive audience.  All pulling together we have a successful business formula.

All you need to do is contact the pool owner, make a time to suit and conduct the inspection.  It’s as simple as that.  The inspection has already been sold.

There are many, many franchises out there doing the same thing 10-20 fold all selling the same stuff, just different brands.  Most require a shop, staff, stock and set hours.  That’s where we are unique, this has not been done before.  It’s not impulse spending that dries up in hard times, so why not get on board.

LOCAL POOL INSPECTIONS will be the 1st on everyone’s lips when it comes to Pool Inspections.  Any additional information can be obtained by phoning Bob Walliker of Local Pool Inspections Pty Ltd on 0417 728 510 or email Bob using our contact form.